DCA Trophy Program

The DCA Trophy Plan is used at nearly 150 events each year, but few know about its history.


The gold-filled Dachshund pins were awarded at the first Specialty in 1934. They are still awarded today in many events and are sent to new DCA members.


Miss Katherine Ward Lane was commissioned to create the first DCA plaque, a Smooth to celebrate the Dachshund Club of America’s 50th anniversary in 1945.


The Smooth plaque was the only one awarded until 1971 when Miss Lane rendered a Wirehaired head study, and Miss Lee Burnham created the Longhair head study.


In the early 2000’s, the molds for the plaques were deteriorating and were redone. However, the Longhaired plaque could not be salvaged, so was redesigned by Chris Baldwin.


Today the program consists of plaques for each coat in three different sizes: five inch, eight inch and eleven inch.  The eleven inch plaque is only awarded at  the Dachshund Club of America National Field Trial and Specialty show.


The current program also includes several medallions.  The bronze sunburst medallion is awarded for a variety of events.   The pewter sunburst medallion is given as a gift to judges of DCA National events.  The three-headed medallion, designed by Gina Leone, is only awarded at the DCA National specialty.


Mr. Laurence Horswell at the 1945 Dachshund Club of America 50th anniversary banquet, pictured with the Best of Breed winner on the right, Ch. Gunther v Marienlust, and on the left the Best of Opposite Sex winner, Ch. Arnett von Dachshafen.

The 14 inch bronze plaque was cast from the original sculpture by Katherine Ward Lane, and is the only one of that size ever awarded. The only other DCA plaque of that size hangs in the picture gallery of the American Kennel Club in New York.

General Information

Any AKC recognized Dachshund Club, in good standing with the trophy program, may purchase one of the DCA trophy plan.  The plan is not for use by all-breed, hound or non-AKC clubs or organizations.

Applications must be completely filled out and are due 3 months before the event.  Applications that are incomplete or lack postage will be returned to sender.

Events are divided into club and DCA events.  The club events are the ones sponsored by your club.  The DCA events are DCA events that your  club or DCA is hosting.  Most of the time you will use the forms for a club event.  However, if you are hosting a DCA event, be sure to use the current premium list language and the correct order form.  This is especially important for specialty shows since medallions and not  pins are awarded to Winners at these events.

A number of clubs have members who donate items back to the club.  Clubs may use these items as long as they  implement the trophy plan as approved by the DCA board.  If your club is using donated items, you still must complete an agreement and order form and submit it to the trophy  chairman.  Be sure to identify the items which you have.

The trophy plan must be implemented as approved by the DCA board.  Clubs MAY NOT choose to offer  a partial plan.  Therefore, applications must be completely filled out. Partial orders can not be filled unless the club has indicated that they have the unordered items on hand.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask the trophy chairman for help.

Links to Agreements and Order Forms


Complete all forms. Incomplete forms and orders with postage due will be returned to sender. Complete payment for the plan selected is due with order. No partial payments are accepted.

Conformation Events


You have a choice of whether or not your club is offering the brass medallion for BOS to Variety when you have enough entries to award the five inch bronze plaque.  Circle yes or no on the order form to show whether or not you are using the optional medallion.  Base your estimated number of entries on the number of entries your show had last year.


Club Specialty Show


DCA Specialty Show

Field Trials


You will need to estimate the number of starters you expect. Base this number on the number of starters you had last year.


Club Field Trial


DCA Field Trial


Host Club for DCA National Field Trial

Obedience Trials


You will need to estimate the number entries you expect.  Base this number on the number of entries you had last year.


Club Obedience Trial


DCA Obedience Trial

Rally Trial


Club Trial


DCA Trial

Agility Trials


Club Trial


DCA Trial

Links to Premium List Language


These links are to the language for the trophy plan that goes in your premium list and catalog. The language must be used as approved by the Dachshund Club of America Board. Under NO circumstances are clubs permitted to change this language.

Plaque Donation Policy


The Dachshund Club of America, Inc. will accept donations of previously awarded plaques, pins or medallions to be re-awarded provided the items are in good condition. DCA will pay shipping costs by parcel post or ground delivery service for the return of donated items. Donated items will be labeled “From the collection of” or “from the Estate of” depending on the circumstances of the donation. Receipts for shipping expenses are required for reimbursement. Seller must include instructions as to where and how payment should be made.

Plaque Buy Back Policy


The Dachshund Club of America, Inc. will buy back plaques and medallions from owners provided the plaques are in good condition. The DCA Trophy Chairman will be responsible for determining if the condition of awards to be sold back is acceptable upon receipt. Items sold back to DCA shall not be labeled as to their origin. Awards sold back to DCA will be reimbursed as follows: Payment for awards will be at the rate of 75% of the current purchase price of the same item. Seller must include instructions as to where and how payment should be made. DCA does not reimburse shipping costs for items sold back to DCA.

Club Usage of Donated Items

If your club has received donated DCA gold-plated pins, DCA brass sunburst medallions and/ or DCA plaques and your club is using the DCA Trophy plan, your club may use these donated items instead of ordering new supplies from the DCA Trophy Chairman.

You must still complete and submit the trophy application form and the order form to the DCA Trophy Chairman. And you must complete the on-line report form.

When completing the order form, identify the items that have been donated.

Remember that when you use the DCA Trophy Plan all awards, including donated DCA awards, must be awarded according to the rules of the DCA Trophy Plan.  Your club can not give approval to an individual to award or give these items in a manner inconsistent with the program.

In addition, remember that no club may use the DCA Trophy Language in their premium list or their catalog without approval from DCA.  So, even if your club does not need to order any items from the trophy chair, your club still needs to submit an application and order form with the donated items noted.

DCA reserves the right to decline future trophy plan purchase requests from any club or event which chooses to offer any DCA trophy item in any way that is not consistent with the DCA Trophy Plan language, whether published in the premium list or not.

If the program is not administered as outlined in the premium list, complaints are filed with AKC and not with DCA or the DCA Trophy Chairman.  The dachshund specialty clubs are licensed by AKC and not DCA; therefore, AKC is the governing body that oversees the application of the trophy plan as published in the premium list.

You may recognize the donor of a plaque by size and coat in the list of donors in your premium list but you must NOT state the win for which the item is being awarded.  Stating the win will cause your club problems if entries do not warrant a particular award.

Additional Rules

The three-headed DCA medallions are given only at the DCA National Events and these items should be donated back to DCA.  Clubs or individuals may not substitute these awards for pins, brass sunburst medallions or bronze plaques at specialty shows.

None of the above items should ever be awarded as a trophy at an all-breed or hound show or at any non-AKC event.

DCA highly disapproves of any club or individual using any award from the DCA trophy plan in a manner inconsistent with the spirit, intention, history or rules of the DCA Trophy Plan.  This plan is a special part of our tradition and should always be treated with respect.

Trophy Chair: Sheila Parish  –  P O Box 17164  –  Urbana, IL 61801  –  (217) 367 – 0959