Field Trials

Dachshunds are first and foremost a hunting breed. Originally bred to track and dispatch badger and other small game, they are one of a handful of breeds that can go to ground, track, flush and retrieve game.


Field Trials are AKC sanctioned competitions that allow Dachshunds to use their hunting instincts by tracking a scent line that a rabbit or hare has left behind. The goal is not to actually catch any prey and no animals are harmed in a Field Trial. The Dachshunds are judged on the quality of their work on the scent line.


Read on for more information on how field trials work.

Requirements for a Field Championship


Points toward a field championship are earned in the Open All-Age (OAA) stake. Dachshunds placing first through fourth in an OAA stake at a licensed or member field trial earn points.


The 1st place dog earns one point for every dog that starts in the stake. To be counted as a starter a dog must be eligible to run in the stake and must not be disqualified. The 2nd place dog earns 1/2 point for every starter in the stake. The 3rd place dog earns 1/3 point and the 4th place dog earns 1/4 point for every starter. Next Best Qualifying (NBQ) is not a place and does not earn points.


A Dachshund must accumulate at least 35 points, with a minimum of three placements including one 1st place, to earn a field championship