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Visualization of the Official Dachshund Standard

(aka: Illustrated Standard) The official Dachshund Standard with highly detailed drawings depicting correct versus incorrect. Editor, Kaye Ladd; Artwork, Gina Leone Middings; design/layout, Phyllis Rosinsky; history, Ann Gordon. $5.50ea

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Dachshund Evaluation Kit – Illustrated Standard Overlays

Based on the Visualization of the Official Dachshund Standard, transparency overlays for evaluating front/rear angulation and bone structure. Designed to be used over photos and prints as a learning and evaluation tool. – $10.00ea



The Dachshund Club of America Handbook

A guide for the novice to help raise and care for your Dachshund; includes nutrition, exercise and grooming hints. Compiled by Dee Hutchinson, former AKC delegate and Judy Goulder, updated in 2013 by DCA Board members Anne Carson and Liz Heywood – 42 pp. $5.25ea

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Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease

Covers predisposition, cause and therapy for a major clinical Problem that affects over 40 canine breeds. Prepared by Patricia J. Luttgen, DVM, MS – 1 copy free

also available online at: Disk Book


The AKC Standard of the Dachshund

1 copy free



DCA – General Information

General Information (pdf coming soon) about DCA, it’s history, commitment and committee list. 1 copy free



The Illustrated Standard of Points of the Dachshund

The English Standard of the Dachshund, 5th edition (1989), originally published in 1939. 31pp – Author: J.P.Sayer – 1 copy Free



The Versatility Certificate Program

Covers opportunities available for Dachshunds and DCA’s unique award of recognition; conformation, obedience, Field, Earth dog and Agility. Compiled by experienced DCA members. 1 copy free/ 2+ $3.00ea 

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Videos on Loan



Temperament Test – 1990

See how a temperament test is conducted



Golden Gate Dachshund Club – Halloween Parade

A fun recording donated by the Golden Gate Dachshund Club



New Jersey Dachshund Club Field Trial

Recording of a working field trial, from “roll call” to “in the field”



Miniature Expo

Stud Dog Only – 1993 ~ recording from event hosted by the National Miniature Dachshund Club



Miniature Expo – 1993

Recording from event hosted by the National Miniature Dachshund Club



Australian Dachshund Specialty – 1992

Event recording



History of Wires and Racing- John Cook*

Series 1992


History of Longs and Smooths – John Cook*

Series 1992


**John Cook was a dedicated and revered Dachshund Breeder, Exhibitor, Judge and Historian. His insight and knowledge is evident and preserved on the recording of this Seminar.



Dog Steps – by Rachael Page Elliot

A great learning tool for those interested in what makes dogs move



The Dachshund (AKC series) – 1992

This video is available for purchase through the American Kennel Club (AKC)


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