DCA Health and Welfare Trust Fund

A message from Dr Deneice (Denny) Van Hook, DVM – President, DCA Health and Welfare Trust


The Dachshund Club of America is committed to improving the health and welfare of the breed. There are several ways that DCA promotes this goal including the DCA Health and Welfare Trust and participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership and you can participate in both!


The DCA Health and Welfare Trust (DCA H&WT) is a charitable organization that while separate from the Dachshund Club of America (DCA) it is supported by DCA.   The purpose of the DCA H&WT is to provide education and assist in legitimate research programs concerning the health and welfare of Dachshunds. The research assistance is not restricted to projects that directly include Dachshunds but can be expanded to other canine research programs that affect the Dachshund breed.


Every year potential research projects conducted by well-known organizations such as the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation, are evaluated by the Trustees to determine where best to invest out research dollars to help our breed. Over the last several years DCA H&WT funds have been used to fund research in Intervertebral Disk Disease and Hemangiosarcoma.  This year we contributed funds for research in Developing a Prognostic Test for Neural Injuries and New Treatments for Cushing’s Disease.  We receive periodic updates from the researchers and will share as they become available.


The DCA H&W Trust is funded primarily through contributions from individuals and groups as well as a $2000 annual contribution from DCA. We also receive support through the Purina Parent Club Partnership program.


If  you have questions please feel free to contact me at k9coach@aol.com

The Purina Parent Club Partnership

The Dachshund Club of America participates in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program.  This program allows DCA to earn funding based on Purina Pro Plan dog food receipt submissions by Pro Club members.  This funding goes to DCA, not the Health and Welfare Trust.  Pro Club members submit receipts from bags of participating Purina dog foods and accumulate points as part of the Pro Club Program.  In addition to earning rewards for the submitting individual, Purina donates an additional 10% of the annual earnings and splits it between the DCA and the AKC Canine Health Foundation. One half is issued directly to the Canine Health Foundation to support research grants. The other half is issued to DCA for use in the support of canine health research, education and/or rescue efforts.


In order to participate, Purina Pro Club members must individually declare their participation in the program and identify that DCA will receive their Purina Points. Members may call the Purina Pro Club toll-free number at 1-877-PRO-CLUB (1-877-776-2582) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, or register on the Pro Club website PurinaProClub.com

Make a Donation to the DCA Health and Welfare Trust Fund


Wondering what to do for special occasions like congratulating a friend on that big win, or honoring the memory of a special person or dog that has passed away? Consider a tax-deductible charitable gift.


A gift to the Dachshund Club of America Health and Welfare Trust Fund is special for two reasons. First, it is a meaningful and lasting way to acknowledge a friend’s accomplishment or send your heartfelt condolences. Second, your contribution provides needed resources for funding health and welfare projects to benefit the Dachshund breed.


To acknowledge your gift, you name and gifts in Memory/Honor will appear in the Dachshund Club of America Newsletter on the Health and Welfare Trust page.


If making your donation by check, please make payable to ‘DCA Health and Welfare Trust Fund’ and mail to:


Robert Schwalbe, Treasurer

DCA Health and Welfare Trust Fund

71 Valley Way

Pendergrass, GA 30567-3454