In an effort to promote the entire Dachshund and showcase the versatility of our breed, DCA awards Dachshunds which distinguish themselves in performance and/or companion events at the National Specialty through the Triathlon Program.


The Triathlon is a once a year event which happens only at our National. If you enter and participate in at least three of the seven  different performance and/or companion event categories (agility, earth dog, field trial, obedience, rally,  scentwork, and tracking) you can be in the Triathlon competition. Qualifying in an event earns points based on the particular level of the competition. The point schedule is posted on the DCA website. The dog that accumulates the most points including the Conformation evaluation, is awarded “DCA Triathlon Dog of the Year”. All participants (even if they don’t qualify in the 3 events they have attempted) earn a nice commemorative medallion and are recognized by DCA with a Certificate of Achievement.


Congratulations to our previous year’s winners.


 This is a remarkable achievement!

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Triathlon Award Requirements


Triathlon Winners

    2023 Triathlon Winner

DC Indiana Jones Aus Der Wutzelgrube CDX BN RI TDX NA NAJ ME BCAT SCN DJ CGC TKA, ‘Indy’

Owned by Shawn Nies