Using Donations

Club Usage Of Donated Items

    • If your club has received donated DCA gold-plated pins, DCA brass sunburst medallions and/ or DCA plaques and your club is using the DCA Trophy plan, your club may use these donated items instead of ordering new supplies from the DCA Trophy Chairman.


    • You must still complete and submit the trophy application form and the order form to the DCA Trophy Chairman. And you must complete the on-line report form.


    • When completing the order form, identify the items that have been donated.


    • Remember that when you use the DCA Trophy Plan all awards, including donated DCA awards, must be awarded according to the rules of the DCA Trophy Plan.  Your club can not give approval to an individual to award or give these items in a manner inconsistent with the program.


    • In addition, remember that no club may use the DCA Trophy Language in their premium list or their catalog without approval from DCA.  So, even if your club does not need to order any items from the trophy chair, your club still needs to submit an application and order form with the donated items noted.


    • DCA reserves the right to decline future trophy plan purchase requests from any club or event which chooses to offer any DCA trophy item in any way that is not consistent with the DCA Trophy Plan language, whether published in the premium list or not.


    • If the program is not administered as outlined in the premium list, complaints are filed with AKC and not with DCA or the DCA Trophy Chairman.  The dachshund specialty clubs are licensed by AKC and not DCA; therefore, AKC is the governing body that oversees the application of the trophy plan as published in the premium list.


    • You may recognize the donor of a plaque by size and coat in the list of donors in your premium list but you must NOT state the win for which the item is being awarded.  Stating the win will cause your club problems if entries do not warrant a particular award.

Additional Rules

    • The three-headed DCA medallions are given only at the DCA National Events and these items should be donated back to DCA.  Clubs or individuals may not substitute these awards for pins, brass sunburst medallions or bronze plaques at specialty shows.


    • None of the above items should ever be awarded as a trophy at an all-breed or hound show or at any non-AKC event.


    • DCA highly disapproves of any club or individual using any award from the DCA trophy plan in a manner inconsistent with the spirit, intention, history or rules of the DCA Trophy Plan.  This plan is a special part of our tradition and should always be treated with respect.