Trophy Credits 1938

The contents of the binder have been compiled by Jeanne A. Rice

Various materials will be added as they are found.

If you have any information you would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to submit it for consideration. The single and most important item I have not been able to locate is a photograph from the 1938 Morris and Essex Show of Ch. Herman Rinkton being awarded the – 1938 DCA Best of Breed Trophy.

This compilation could not have been accomplished without the able assistance of the following:

John Merriman
John visited the AKC Library and took photos of various pictures and pages in the July 1, 1938 AKC Gazette. It is because of John’s personal visit to the AKC Library that I was sent so much information to include in this compilation.

Norma Rosado-Blake, AKC Library Archivist
Ms. Rosado-Blake sent me the entire 1938 Morris and Essex Article from the July 1, 1938 Gazette which I retyped for inclusion herein. Ms. Rosado-Blake also researched the AKC photograph files and provided the three photographs of Ch. Herman Rinkton from 1939.

Blackie Nygood
Blackie was kind enough to let me borrow her personal copy of the Morris and Essex 1938 Show catalog from which pertinent pages have been included in this presentation.

Lynne Dahlen, DCA Newsletter Editor
Lynne did a wonderful layout of the article “Acquiring the 1938 DCA Best of Breed Trophy”,
a copy of which she graciously allowed me to include in this binder

Trudy Kawami
Trudy will be continuing research at the AKC Library for additional information in the
July 1, 1938 Gazette for future inclusion in this binder.

Janet Schwalbe and Laura Potash
Janet and Laura did their usual fine work in creating a special table décor for the display of the 1938 Trophy and Presentation Binder.

All of the people who assisted with acquiring the 1938 DCA Best of Breed Trophy and those who so generously made donations toward its purchase and maintenance are listed in the DCA Newsletter article.

Through the generosity and foresight of the following individuals and Clubs the 1938 Dachshund Club of America Best of Breed Trophy originally won by American and Canadian Ch. Herman Rinkton is presented to the Dachshund Club of America, Inc. for its Historical Archives.

  • Joy Belyeu, Dogwood
  • Mary Sue Barnum, Barbemac Miniature Longhairs
  • Anne and Jim Carson, Twelfth Night Dachshunds
  • Jerry Cerasini and Roger Brown, Brownwood Farm
  • Lynne and Chuck Dahlen, Chazlyn Dachshunds
  • Ruth Emmons, Emmdox Miniature Longhairs
  • Tracy Freeling
  • Marci Forrester
  • Thelma Garcia, Paladin Miniature Dachshunds
  • Elaine Hanson and Noelle Hanson, Den Grig
  • Sharon B. Johnson
  • Trudy and David Kawami, von Salix Wire-hairs
  • Jeanie Kolstad, Auslagen Miniatures
  • Dawn-Renee Mack, Ruger Dachshunds
  • Karen Burke Murray, Karavel
  • Jeanne Rice, Tori Jarice Miniatures
  • Kim Ristedt
  • Bobby Sandoval, Sandachs
  • Robert and Janet Schwalbe, V Schwalbe Dachshunds
  • Cyndy Senff, Dynadaux (Reg.)
  • Wendy and Brett Snyder, Serenity Dachshunds
  • Emma Jean and Robert Stephenson, EJ’s Dachshunds
  • Nancy Turner, Von Turner Dachshunds
  • R. K. Warner, Dachshund Lover Extraordinaire
  • Jerry and Esther Whitebread, Weissbrot Dachshunds
  • Heather With
  • Bob and Ann Wlodkowski, Sleepy Hollow Longhairs
  • and
  • The Clubs of Region V:
  • Alabama Dachshund Club
  • Bayou Dachshund Club of New Orleans, Inc.
  • Central Carolina Dachshund Club
  • Cumberland Valley Dachshund Club
  • Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta
  • Florida East Coast Dachshund Club
  • Florida Gulf Coast Dachshund Club
  • Mississippi Dachshund Club
  • Sunshine Dachshund Club of Jacksonville, Inc.

July 11, 2009
The trophy will be displayed annually with the Challenge Trophies at the DCA Nationals.

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