Dachshund Club of America

Versatility Program


  1. A total of 18 VC points.
  2. VC points must be obtained from Bench Group and at least three (3) of the other five (5) groups.
  3. Points may not be accumulated in any one group (i.e. a U.D. entitles a dog to points; his CDX and CD cannot be added).
  4. A Triple Champion (Bench, Field and Obedience Champion) qualifies a dog for the Versatility Certificate.

NOTE: Except for AWTA Certificate of Gameness earned prior to October 1995, only American Kennel Club events/titles can earn V.C. points.

When the requsite number of VC points have been accumulated, please send the last AKC certificate showing all the titles earned to the committee chair,

Sharon MacDonald



Download the Versatility Handbook in pdf
VC Point Schedule in pdf
Dachshunds who have earned the VC

Mandatory as of January 1, 2007- Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 1 Point

schedule of points for the Versatility Certificate award (Effective January 1, 2007)


Champion (CH) 10
12 bench points (including two majors) 7
9 bench points (including one major) 5
6 bench points 3
3 bench points 1


Field Champion (FC) 10
28 field points 7
21 field points 5
14 field points 3
7 field points 1


Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) 10
Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) 9
Rally Advance Excellence (RAE) 4
Utility Dog (UD) 7
Rally Excellent (RE) 3
Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) 5
Rally Advanced (RA) 2
Companion Dog (CD) 3
Beginner Novice (BN) 2 (as of 1/1/12)
Rally Novice (RN) 1


Champion Tracker (CT) 10
Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) 7
Variable Surface Tracking (VST) 7
Tracking Dog (TD) 4


Master Earthdog (ME) 6
Senior Earthdog (SE) 4
Junior Earthdog (JE) 2


Master Agility Champion (MACH) 10
Master Agility (MX,MXJ, MXP, MJP) 8
Excellent Agility (AX, AXJ, AXP, AJP) 6
Open Agility (OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP) 4
Novice Agility (NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP) 2

*Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 1

*The Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) is required of all Dachshund Club of America Versatility Certificate applicants as a foundation for other AKC titles thereby demonstrating the Dachshund Club of America’s commitment to sound Dachshund temperament.

Applicants must, in addition, fulfill the minimum bench point requirement and accumulate points from at least three of the other point groups which are Agility, Earthdog, Field, Obedience/Rally and Tracking.

The applicant must have a minimum of 18 points.