Dachshund Club of America

Versatility Titlists

Compiled by Julie Couch
Versatility Certificates by year

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Versatility Awards Prior to 1997

1. CH Mayrhofen Olympische Flamme, Am/Can CD,
3/78 Std Long Dog Owner: Dorothy L. Millard & Kay Thompson

2. CH Di-Dox Doubting Thomas, CD, CG, VC
7/81 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Dianne Cohan

3. Mex/Can CH, World CH 1978,
DUAL CH I Spy Wiretap, UDT, PC, TT-1-DHW, VC
5/82 Std Wire Dog Owner: Selma Sholes Stephenson

4. CH Willagaye Chocolate Moose, CD, CG, VC
6/82 Std Wire Dog Owner: Karla Martin

5. CH It’s Sleepytime at Wildwood ML, CD, CG, VC
9/82 Mini Long Dog Owner: Susan M. & Johnny L. Jones

6. DUAL CH I Spy Sabotage W, CDX, TD, VC
3/84 Std Wire Dog Owner: Selma Sholes Stephenson

7. Am/Can CH OTCH Himark Vanquish, TD, CG, VC
9/84 Std Long Dog Owner: Robert L. & June V. Kelly

8. DUAL CH Ivic Cevan’s Forever Ember, CD, TDX, CG, VC
9/84 Std Long Bitch Owner: Robert L. & June V. Kelly

9. DUAL CH Sangsavant Fancy Dan, CDX, CG, VG
12/84 Std Long Dog Owner: Ann Potter

10. DUAL CH Ivic Cevan’s Foxfire, CDX, CG, VC
4/85 Std Long Dog Owner: Robert L. & June V. Kelly

11. Am/Can CH Lilliputian Singin’ Low MS, CD, TD, CG, VC
7/85 Mini Smooth Bitch Owner: Susan M. Krider

12. DUAL CH Choo Choo’s GRT N Jubilee, CD, CG, VG
9/85 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Sue Schneider

13. DUAL CH V’Hofen’s GN Sunrise Promise, CD, CG, VC
3/86 Std Smooth Bitch Owner: Sue Schneider

14. CH of the Americas, Int/Am/Can/Mex
CH Hampdach’s Beau Dandy, CD, TD, FCI-CACIT, VC
5/86 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Mabel E. Hampton

15. Field CH Schatzie Is A Dandie, UDT, CG, VC
6/86 Std Long Bitch Owner: Phyllis Nelson

16. Am/Can/Bah CH Abbsdach’s Theodorable MW, CD, Am/Can TD, CG, TT-8DHW, VC
7/87 Mini Wire Dog Owner: Nancy J. Cavicchioni

17. Am/Can CH Mayrhofen Sidra L Von Ivic, Can CDX, UDT, CG, VC
11/87 Std Long Bitch Owner: Jane K. Larsen

18. DUAL CH Tranevangs P Yaschatax, CD, Am/Can TD, VC
4/88 Std Long Bitch Owner: Liane Stiles

19. CH Robinwoods Tempest In A Teapoy, CD, TD, CG, TT, VC
8/88 Mini Wire Bitch Owner: Nancy J. Cavicchioni

20. CH Ivic’s Advance Notice, CDX, TD, CG, VC
9/88 Std Long Dog Owner: Jane K. Larsen

21. Field CH Mayrhofen Sassafras L, UDTX,. CG, VC
9/88 Std Long Bitch Owner: Maxine Brinker

22. CH Smitledach One In Vermillion, CD, TD, CG, VC
11/88 Mini Wire Dog Owner: Phillip & Cheryl Gamber

23. DUAL CH Rudi’s Rising Star, CD, CG, VC
2/89 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Jerry Botknecht

24. CH Suejaz Victoria Monique, CD< TD, CG, VC
2/89 Std Smooth Bitch Owner: Judy Andreas

25. DUAL CH Grissel V Dorndorf L, CDX, TD, VC
4/89 Std Long Bitch Owner: Patricia Nance

26. DUAL CH Waldmeer’s Rueben James W, CD, CG, VC
10/89 Std Wire Dog Owner: Henry &Jan Winther

27. DUAL CH Cedarbend Bold Venture W, CD, CG, VC
11/89 Std Wire Dog Owner: Robert G. & Judith H. Knight

28. DUAL CH Solo’s Symphonic Night W, CD, CG, VC
11/89 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Robert G. & Judith H. Knight

29. DUAL CH Harbor park’s Zibeline, TD, CG, VC
5/90 Std Long Dog Owner: Janine & Noel Moden

30. CH Von Trinkle’s Squire’s Echo, CD, CG, VC
10/90 Std Long Dog Owner: Mary J. Trinkle

31. DUAL CH Greenhill’s Editor’s Choice L, CD, CG,VC
10/90 Std Long Dog Owner: Raymond L. & Ann Parrish

32. DUAL CH Dachsbauer Trouble’s Dbl Wire, CD, CG, VC
1/90 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Georgia L. Bauer

33. Field CH L & C Mayflower Madame L, CD, TD, CG, VC
11/90 Std Long Bitch Owner: Tina & Ken Englemann

34. CH Galen V Dorndorf L, TD, CG, VC
8/91 Std Long Dog Owner: Patricia L. Brown & Patricia Nance

35. Am/Mex/Int CH Val Vista Fortune Hunter, CD, CG, VC
11/91 Std Long Dog Owner: Mary Pyle

36. DUAL CH Mt’s Empire State Express, CD, CG, VC
6/93 Std Long Bitch Owner: Karin Boyd

37. DUAL CH Be Patient Highlnd Piper W, CD, CG, VC
10/93 Std Wire Dog Owner: Allison Janz, Adam Janz, & Roger Patient

38. CH Broomhilde of Hathor Farm W, CD, TD, CG, VC
1/94 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Mary E. Waterman

39. CH Amtekel’s The Great Gatsby, CD, CG, VC
11/93 Std Long Dog Owner: Sidney Stafford

40. CH Hampdach’s Beau Dean, CD, TD, CG, VC
1/94 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Mabel E. Hampton

41. Field CH Robinwood’s Marvelous Maggi, TDX, CG, VC
10/90 Mini Wire Bitch Owner: Larry Gohlke

42. CH Storytime’s Uncle Sam WB, CD, CG, VC
10/94 Std Wire Dog Owner: Ruth K. Teeter & Eugina B. Bishop

43. DUAL CH Greenhills Cast Along Shadow, CD, CG, VC
10/94 Std Long Dog Owner: Raymond & Ann Parrish

44. DUAL CH / Can CH Valona’s Ultrasuede Gir, CGC, CG, JE, ROMX, VC
4/95 Std Smooth Bitch Owner: Richard & Sue Britton, Henry & Jan Winther

45. DUAL CH Rosadachs Redwood Timber, CD, CG, JE, VC
10/95 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Gerald W. Price & Patricia A. Price

46. Field CH Meister Von Washington, Am/Can CD, TD, CG, CGC, TDI, TT, Can TDX, VC
10/95 Std Long Dog Owner: Sylvia Diamond

47. DUAL CH Kinder’s Wee Ebony Rose MS, CGC, CG, ROMX, VC
10/95 Mini Smooth Bitch Owner: Janalyn DuBois & Michael DuBois

48. DUAL CH Dynadaux Blast From The Past, CGC, CG, VC
10/95 Mini Smooth Bitch Owner: Cyndy Senff

49. CH Dynadaux Midnight Rambler MS, SE, CGC, VC
10/95 Mini Smooth Dog Owner: Phil & Mary Bird & Cyndy Senff

50. CH Hillandachs Hello Molly Wire, CDX, TD, NA, VC
12/95 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Penney Wimer

51. DUAL CH Aro-Hil Flash Gordon, CD, JE, VC
12/95 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Melissa Wynings

52. DUAL CH Braaehaus Midnight Express, CGC, CG, VC
12/95 Std Smooth Dog Owner: Lynne Allen & Elinore Sattler

53. CH Sausauge Stables Winsome, JE, CGC, VC
3/96 Std Longhair Bitch Owner: Miki Perry

54. DUAL CH Daydach’s Bonnie Be Good, JE, CGC, ROMX, VC
3/96 Std Longhair Bitch Owner: Miki Perry

55. Field CH Versailles Des Trois Hures, CD, CG, SE, VC
6/96 Std. Wire Dog Owner: Trudy S. & David Kawami

56. DUAL CH Ivic’s Indelible Ink, CDX, JE, VC
6/96 Std Long Dog Owner: Andrea Baltes

57. DUAL CH Cedarbend’s Sea Mist W, CD, CG, VC
6/96 Std Wire Bitch Owner: Brenda A. Bolay & N. Jeane Hartman & Barbara Waldkirch

58. DUAL CH Amtekel’s Royal Dansk, CD, JE, VC
7/96 Std Long Dog Owner: Andra H. O’Connell & Martin J. O’Connell

59. DUAL CH Sadsack The Cupid Clone MW, TD, JE, VC
7/96 Mini Wire Bitch Owner Lois Ballard:

60. DUAL CH I Spy Ink-Wire, CDX, CGC, VC
8/96 Std Wire Dog Owner: Selma McNamara

61. Field CH Sausage Stables Amazin Alex, SE, CGC, VC
10/96 Std Longhair Dog Owner: Miki Perry

62. DUAL CH Greenhills Cast In Black L, SE, CGC, VC
12/96 Std Long Dog Owner: Raymond L. & Ann C. Parrish

63. DUAL CH Boondox Mr. Brock V Houslow L, JE, CGC, VC
12/96 Std Long Dog Owner: Eleanor Ruth Robins & Dan Harrison

64. DUAL CH Tumbleweed Time Out Tetley, CD, CGC, VC
12/96 Std Wire Dog Owner: Sharron White & Cherie Jensen

65. DUAL CH Add-Sim’s Ritzi, Rockette MS, CGC, CG, VC
10/96 Mini Smooth Bitch Owner: Cyndy Senff
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1997 – (Information compiled by Larry Gohlke)

2/97 (Mini Smooth Dog)
Owners: Paula & Larry & Ashley Innis & Cyndy Senff

4/97 (Standard Longhaired Bitch)
Owners: Andra H. O’Connell & Martin J. O’Connell

4/97 (Standard Smooth Dog)
Owner: Ashley Innis

(Standard Longhaired Dog)
Owner: Linda K. Sullivan

7/97 (Mini Smooth Dog)
Owners: Michael and Janalyn DuBois

71. DC GREENHILL’S YOU GOTTA LOVE ME, SE, CGC, VC, 7/97 (Standard Smooth Dog)
Owners: Raymond and Ann Parrish

8/97(Mini Wire Bitch)
Owner: Lynn Gohlke

8/97 (Mini Wire Bitch)
Owner: Ursula Koch

11/97 (Standard Longhaired Dog)
Owners: Raine Smith & Miki Perry
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75. CH E Dachs Armor of L and C, UD, ME, CG, CGC, TDI, VC
1/98 Standard Long Dog Sandi Myers

76. CH D & D Sierra Spirit V Schoney, CD, JE, VC
3/98 Standard Long Dog Diane & Don McCormack

77. DC Pocketpack Voice Mail MW, TD, SE, VC
5/98 Mini Wire Dog Lois Ballard

78. CH Hilo’s Dr. Watson V Hess, JE, NA, VC
19 1/3 field points
8/98 Standard Wire Dog Bonnie & Richard Raivio

79. CH Bohemia Von Der Schenkenburg, CDX, TD, NA, VC
7/98 Standard Smooth Bitch Mary Anne Fowler

80. DC Applehill’s On The Rite Track, JE, CGC, VC
8/98 Standard Smooth Dog Helen & Neal Hamilton

81. DC Digalot Echo of Narcissus, JE, CGC, TDI, VC
7/98 Standard Smooth Dog
Judy Stephenson & Elizabeth Patterson

82. CH Georgia Dachs Bonafide Max, UD, SE, NA, CGC, VC
10/98 Standard Smooth Dog Norma Williams

83. CH Ray Bob Von Knobydox, CGC, JE, VC11/98 Standard
Long Dog Cathy Gunn

84. CH Derrigon’s Double Trouble SS, OA, CGC, SE, VC
10/98 Standard Smooth Dog
M.A. Klein & Carol Rowe & Don Harfst

85. CH IVIC’s Rocky Mountain Fever, CDX, CG, ROMX, VC
(Field Pointed)
5/96 Standard Long Bitch Jane K. Larsen
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86. Ch. Sausage Stable Dejavu Mocha, SE, CGC
[field pointed]
Owner: Miki Perry
Date earned: 11/98

87. Ch. Chazlyn’s RePete At Last, CGC, CD, JE
[field pointed]
Owner: Margaret Orzel, DVM
Date earned: 4/99

88. Dual Ch. Baron Von Skaer L, JE, CGC
Owner: Barbara Skaer & Anne M. Schmidt
Date earned: 9/99

89. Ch. Siddach’s La Donna E Mobile, CG, ME, CGC
[field pointed]
Owner: Drew & Kellye Slatton
Date earned: 9/97

90. Ch. Dachsdale Astro De Lin ML, TD, JE, CD, CGC
[field pointed]
Owner: Dale Parks
Date earned: 9/99

91. Dual Ch. I Spy Ink-Wire, JE, CGC
Owner: Selma Stephenson
Date earned: 7/97
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92. Dual Ch. Gamekeeper’s Fair Lady Sonja, CDX, JE
standard smooth bitch owned by Michael J. Pitisci

93. Ch. Pop’n Dox Sambuca, CD, NA
(field pointed)
standard wire male owned by Rebecca McLuskey

94. Ch. Dollidach’s Getzler’s Crunch, JE, CGC
(field pointed)
standard smooth male owned by Sara H. Getzler

95. Dual Ch. The Seja of Hathor Farm SW,
standard wire bitch
owned by Jean M. Dieden & Mary E. Waterman

96. Dual Ch. Burgenstock of Hathor Farm SW,
standard wire male owned by Jean M. Dieden

97. Dual Ch. Amtekel’s Just Browsin’, CD, JE
standard long-hair male owned by Andra O’Connell
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98. Dual Ch. I Spy Mutineer W, CD, JE
standard wire-haired male
owned by Dennis & Selma McNamara and Roger Patient

99. Ch. Wurstchen’s Shadow Chaser, CD, JE, AX, AXJ
red, male standard longhair,
owned by Rhonda Bermke and Diane Tiller

100. Dual Ch. Sandox Digalot Wing Commander, JE, NA, CGC
red smooth standard male
owned by Elizabeth ( Sandy) Paterson

101. Dual Ch. Siddachs Turandot, JE, CGC
red standard long-hair female owned by Alan James

102. Dual Ch. Hillandachs Ezekial W, TD, CD
standard wire-haired male
owned by Penny Wimer and Pam Fleming

103. Ch. Fancy That Nikala SW, TD, CD (pointed in field)
standard wire-haired female owned by Mary Anne Fowler

104. Dual Ch. Waldo Wood’s Miss Rosie, OA, CGC
miniature long-hair bitch owned by Barbara LeTourneau

105. FC Waldo Wood’s Sir Nicholas ML, NA, JE
(pointed in conformation)
miniature long-hair male
owned by Barbara LeTourneau and Janet Bloom

106. FC Sleepytime’s Brazen Penny ML, NA. ME
(pointed in conformation)
miniature, long-hair female
owned by Barbara LeTourneau and Susan Jones
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107. Field Ch. Kinder’s Demure Grey Lady, ME, CGC
(pointed in conformation)
Miniature smooth bitch
owned by Janalyn Dubois & Michael Dubois

108. Ch. Siddach’s Lullaby of Broadway, AX AXJ, MAJ, JE
(pointed in field)
Standard long bitch owned by Karin Boyd, DVM

109. Ch. Hildisvin Return to Bencelia, CD, NA, SE
Standard smooth male owned by Dr. Randy Eltringham

110. Dual Ch. Ivic’s Indelible Impression, CD, TD
Standard long bitch owned by Jane K. Larsen

111. Dual Ch. Siddach’s Meistersinger, CD, JE
Standard long male owned by Alan James & Sidney Stafford

112. Dual Ch. Sunlight’s Skyrocket, NA, SE
Standard long male owned by Karin Boyd, DVM

113. Dual Ch. Fraulein Gretel von Skaer L, JE, CGC
Standard long bitch owned by Helen Briwa

114. Dual Ch. Chazlyn’s Dark Moon Rising SL, CD, NAJ
Standard long male owned by Andrea Baltes

115. Dual Ch. Cherevee Bad News Bear SS, CD, JE
Standard smooth male
owned by Vicki Spencer and Bill Spencer

116. Dual Ch. Asterix von Salix, ME, CD
Standard wire male owned by David & Trudy Kawami

117. Dual Ch. Deister-Pruitt Frosty Zipper, JE, CGC
Standard smooth male owned by Ann Diester

118. Dual Ch. Owl Farm’s I Wannabe A Star, CDX, JE
Miniature long male owned by Jackie Nicholas
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119. DC Dynadaux Just Like a Dream MS, JE, CGC
miniature smooth bitch
owned by Mack & Judy Gallamore & Cyndy Senff

120. DC Von Ego’s Heisman, JE, CGC
standard smooth male
owned by Louisa Baker & John Wade

122.DC Fancy That Sheshannah SW, CDX, TD
standard wire-hair bitch owned by Mary Anne Fowler

121. Ch. Riverwind Hi Plains Drifter, JE, CGC,
(pointed in field)
standard long-hair male
owned by Wendy J. Snyder & Susan Thelen

123. FC Avignon von Salix, ME, CD (
pointed in conformation)
standard wire-hair bitch
owned by David & Trudy Kawami

124. DC Sunlight Truman, JE, CGC
standard long-hair male
owned by Phyllis Meseroll & Michael D. Nothstein.

125. DC Penni’s Laptop SL, JE, CD
standard long-hair male owned by Larry & Paula Innis

126. FC Nexus von Dorndorf L, TD, JE
(pointed in conformation)
standard long-hair male owned by Patt Nance

127. FC Laci’s Somewire in Time MW, OA, OAJ, CGC
(pointed in conformation)
miniature wire-hair male
owned by Karen R. Graham & Cindi Todd
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128. Dual Ch. Dynadaux Dance in Circles MS, ME, CGC
miniature smooth female
owned by Alicia Young & Cyndy Senff
January 17, 2002

129. Ch. Laci’s Deck The Hall MW, AXJ, MX, CGC
(pointed in field)
miniature wire-haired male
owned by Cindi S. Todd
February 12, 2004

130. Dual Ch. Sleepytime Rhynstn Cowboy ML, NAJ, CGC
miniature long-haired male owned by Amy Tetmeyer
Feb. 8, 2004

131. Ch. Dutchwood’s Cedarhurst Pi MS, JE, CD
(pointed in field)
miniature smooth male
owned by Jean A. Jasinsky & K. A. Johnson
April 18, 2004

132. FCh. Qua-Linea Alfons-Harri-Son, ME, CGC
(pointed in conformation)
standard smooth male owned by Victoria A. Burton
May 16, 2004

133. Ch. Fredrick von Tekshunn ML, CDX, JE, OA
miniature long-haired male
owned by Janeva F. Riley & Lisa J. Lyons
July 15, 2004

134. Ch. Primadox Il Trovatore L, JE, CGC (pointed in field)
standard long-hair male
owned by Drew & Kellye Slatton & Sandi Myers
July 25, 2004

135. Ch. Hypoint Itsa Bad Bad Thing MW, TD, NAJP, CD
miniature wire female
owned by Joan Seipp & Lynn Koch
August 7, 2004

136. Dual Ch. Sunrise Stingray MS, NJP, CD
mini smooth male owned by Philip Trautman & Judy Trautman
August 15, 2004

137. Ch. Briardach Shrimp On T’Bar-B, ME, CGC
(pointed in field)
standard long-haired female
owned by Penelope E. Giovinco
August 23, 2003

138. Ch. Stardust’s Amazing Grace L, JE, CD
(pointed in field)
standard long-haired female
owned by Anne M. Schmidt & Tamra Schmidt
October 17, 2004

139. Dual Ch. Piccolos Fantasia Nocturno MW, SE, CGC
miniature wire-haired female
owned by Ursula Koch
December 21, 2004
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140. Dual Ch. Amtekel’s High and Mighty SE, CGC
starndard longhair male
Maryl Douglas & Andra O’Connell

141. Ch.The Eiger of Hathor Farm SW, CD, TDX, SE
(pointed in field) Jean M Dieden & Mary Waterman
Sept. 25, 1999

142. Dual Ch. Primadox Angelique, JE, CGC
Sandi Meyers & Kellye Slatton & Ken Hagmueller
Apr. 19, 2002

143. F Ch.Wildspitze of Hathor Farm SW, ME, NA,TD, VCD-1
(Pointed in conformation)
Jean M Dieden
Nov. 29, 2003

144. Ch. Hillandachs Pruitt Roulette, CD, TD
(pointed in field)
Penny Wimer
Oct. 16, 2004

145. Dual Ch. Laci’s Time Warp MW, AX, AXJ,CGC
Cindi Todd
March 6, 2005

146. Dual Ch. Deister’s Sophie von Ripper, JE, CGC
Ann Deister
May 15, 2005

147. Dual Ch. Amtekel’s Merry Melody, JE, CGC
Andra H. O’Connell & Martin O’Connell
June 11, 2005

148. Dual Ch.Walmar’s Clarissa, JE, CGC
Dr. Randy Eltringham & Capt. Pete Eltringham
June 21, 2005

149. Dual Ch. Amtekel’s La Merleau, JE, CGC
Andra H. O’Connell
June 26, 2005

150. Dual Ch. Dynadaux Double Vision CD, MW, NA,
Rhonda Landry & Cyndy Senff
July 2, 2005

151. Dual Ch. Huntndox FH Repete Memories, ME, CD,
Debby & Daniel McNamara
July 31, 2005

152. Dual Ch. Shortshadows Missing N Action, SE, RN
Carolyn A. & Christopher Casoria
Sept. 9, 2005

153. FCh. Augden von Moosbach-Zuzelek, SE, CGC
(pointed in conformation)
Sherry L. Ruggieri
Oct. 16, 2005

154. Ch. Aubray’s Hi Ho Silver ML, CD, RE, JE, CGC
Jackie Nicholas
Nov. 6, 2005

155. Dual Ch. Spectrm Wagsmor Silver Screen, RA, NA, ME
Diane Q. Webb
Dec. 10, 2005

156. Dual Ch. Han Solo Schwalbe, JE, CGC
Robert Schwalbe
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157. Dual Ch. Rosan Hill Kirby, CD, NA, NAJ, ME
Miniature smooth bitch
Pam Bethke

158. Dual Ch. Doxikota Redi Or Not MS, NAP, NJP, JE
Miniature smooth bitch
Pam Bethke

159. Dual Ch. Penni’s Charles Dickens SL, CD, JE
Standard long-hair male
Penni & Mark S. Cronk

160. Ch. Entourage My Finnish Angel MW, CD, RA, NA, CGC
(pointed in field)
Miniature wire-haired bitch
Suzanne Storey

161. Field Ch. Alimo’s Jack’s Back, CDX, OA, AJX, SE
(pointed in conformation)
Miniature long-hair male
Alice Moyer

162. Dual Ch. Phantom’s Music of the Night, JE, CGC
Miniature long-hair bitch
Christopher & Patricia Mims

163. Dual Ch. Doxikota Fritz MS, JE, CGC
Miniature smooth male
Pam Bethke

164. Dual Ch. Bluebonnet Calamity v Spirit, CD, RN
Standard long-hair bitch
George & Sharon Frey

165. Dual Ch. Niebur’s June Honeymoon, SE, CGC
Standard smooth bitch
Claire L. Mancha

166. Dual Ch. Riverview’s V Ss Kadenz SS, SE, CGC
Standard smooth male
Claire L. Mancha

167. Dual Ch. Niebur’s Tamborine Man, JE, CGC
Standard smooth male
Nicole & Cheri Cooper

168. Dual Ch. Bevarts Spirit’d Priscilla, VCD1, RE, MXJ, JE
Long-hair standard bitch
Betsy Fortman

169. Dual Ch. Carrdox Storybook Streganona, JE, CGC
Standard smooth bitch
Sheila Dee Paske

170. Ch. Hale’s Hudson SL, RN, JE, CGC (pointed in field)
Standard long-hair male
Helen Briwa

171. Dual Ch. Sausage Stables Best Reviews, SE, CGC
Standard long-hair male
Brett Snyder

172. F. Ch. Phantom’s Brave Young Suitor, SE, CGC
(pointed in conformation)
Miniaiture long-haired male
Trish Mims

173. Ch. Manorie Dach’s Whirlwind W, RN, NAP, ME, CGC
owned by Wanda Brown & Linda Sterling
July 9, 2006

174Ch. Daystar’s Carson Charade SW, CD, JE, RE, CGC
Owned by Michelle V. Bryant & Jane L. Phelps
July 16, 2006

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175. Dual Ch. Briardach’s Lucky In Love, RN, SE, CGC
Owned by Deneice L. Van Hook
May 13, 2007

176. Dual Ch. Dachaven Spirits Shiloh Sasha, RN, CGC
owned by Esta Sue Goldin
May 20, 2007

177. Dual Ch. Signature’s Olivia, RN, CGC
owned by Wendy Snyder & Brett Snyder
June 17, 2007

178. Dual Ch. EZ Goin Badger Me Not MW, RN, AXJ
owned by Karen P. Mann
June 1, 2007

179. Dual Ch. Evita v Edelweiss, JE, CGC
owned by Patricia A. Price
Aug. 19, 2007

180. Dual Ch. Amtekel’s Oh My Darling, JE, RN, CGC
owned by Katherine J. Heimer
September 13, 2007

181. Dual Ch. White Ridge Sparkling Star, RA, OA, NAJ, SE, AE, CGC
Owned by Deneice L. Van Hook & Ronda Bermke
September 29, 2007

182. DC Penni’s Chipotle Pepper SL, RN, JE, CGC
owned by Larry & Paula Innis
October 21, 2007
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183 Dual Ch. Sausage Stables Sir Wonagain, RN, CGC
owned by Kathleen & Tom Lockyer
Jan. 18, 2008

184 DC Nexi’s Lone Star Express ML CD, TD, CGC
mini long-hair owned by Ken Hagemueller & Sandi Myers
Feb. 28, 2008

185 DC Laci’s Eureka Maru MW RN, JE, OA, CGC
Mini wire-hair male owned by Rod Barclay
Mar. 2, 2008

186 DC Ger’s Noela Katrina LH, RN, JE, CGC
Mini long-hair female owned by Elizabeth C. Brown & David L. Brown
Sept. 6, 2008

187 Ch. Laci’s Seamus Harper MW, TD, RN, AX, OAJ, AXP, AJP, CGC
Mini wire-hair male owned by Cindi S. Todd
Sept. 20, 2008
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188. DC Siddachs Delfeayo Marsalis, TD, SE, CGC
Owned by Linda Snyder May 1, 2009

189. DC Slamdunks Walk The Line, TD, SE, CGC
Owned by Linda Snyder May 1, 2009

190. DC I Spy Hanky-Panky W, CDX, RN, TD, NJP, JE, CGC
Owned by Selma McNamara May 29, 2009

191.DC Hoppledachs Cinderellas Enchanted Eve ML, CD, RA, JE, CGC
Owned by Pamala J. Hopkins May 17, 2009

192.FC Anja von Moosback-Zuzelek, RN, SE, CGC (pointed in conformation)
Owned by Sherry L. Ruggieri June 17, 2009

193. Ch. Goldcanyons Band Leader, CD, RE, NAJ, JE, CGC
Owned by Cris Baldwin Oct. 17, 2009

194. DC Andromedachs Orion ML, EN, JE, CGC
Owned by Pamala J. Hopkins Nov. 8, 2009
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195. Willowcroft Rebecca SL, RE, NA, ME, CGC (Pointed in the Field)
Standard long-hair female owned by Cris Baldwin
March 13, 2010

196. FC Glenavan Beaureve Sir Lancelot MS, CDX, RE, NJP, CGC (Pointed in Conformation)
Miniature smooth-hair male owned by Phil Trautman, Judy Trautman and Mary Olich Nie
June 27, 2010

197. DC Sandar’s Wyred For Westrose MWD, RN, JE, CGC
Miniature wire-hair female owned by Julie Layton Couch
August 20, 2010

198. DC Short Shadows Runaround Sue, CD,RE,TD,AX, OAJ, NAP, NJP, JE, CGC
Standard wire-hair female owned by Shawn Nies
May 11, 2010
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199. DC Rellih’s Little Indian-MW TD JE
Owned by Linda A Snyder and Sherry Ruggieri
May 7, 2011

Owned by Shawn M Nies
May 17, 2011

201. DC Wingover’s Lancelot DU LAC ML RN NA NAJ NF
Owned by Alice Moyer
June 8, 2011

202. ROBB-K’S FRANKLY FREDRICK-MS VCD2 AX AXP OJP (conformation points)
Owned by Carol R Clifton
June 13, 2011

203. DC Obsession’s Dark Star SL RN AX AXJ
Owned by Deneice L Van Hook D.V.M.
September 24, 2011

204. GCH DC Dachshire Son Of A Sailor SL RN SE
Owned by Deneice L Van Hook D.V.M
September 24, 2011

205. DC Obsession’s Ruff ‘N Ready SL RN OA NAJ NF JE
Owned by Deneice L Van Hook D.V.M
September 24, 2011

206. DC Hoppledachs Cinderellas Hearts Wish ML CD RA JE
Owned by Pamala Hopkins
September 28, 2011

207. GCH Lockshire’s Rembrandt SL RN NAJ NF (Field Points)
Owned by Thomas and Kathleen Locker and Sarah Pearce
October 2, 2011

208. DC Dominos Lil Darcy V Duarts MW RN ME
Owned by Chris Schulke
October 8, 2011

209. DC Rivercliff’s Rough And Reddy MW RN JE
Owned by Chris & Rick Schulke
October 8, 2011

210. CH Sleepytime’s Renegade ML CDX RE TD (field points)
Owned by Kathleen Knol
October 30, 2011

211. FC Sunlight’s Razzle RN AX AXJ (conformation points)
Owned by Karin Boyd D.V.M
November 18, 2011

212. DC Caledonia’s Radar O’Reilly V Ruger MW RN JE
Owned by Ms. Kathleen D. Schooler
December 15, 2011

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213 – CH Raisin’L Brykaar Ode To Joy RN JE CAA CGC
Owned by Paula Tyler & D. Royall Tyler & Lynn Tyler & Jim Tyler & Irva McDougald
March 2, 2012

214 – CH Saytar’s Cadman Von Salix CDX RE AX OAJ OF CGC
Owned by Maryanne Santomauro & Trudy Kawami
March 3, 2012

215 – GCH DC Stardust’s Simply Irresistible RE NJP CGC
Owned by Anne M Schmidt
March 6, 2012

216 – DC Stardust’s Hot Rod Lincoln RN NJP CGC
Owned by Anne M Schmidt & Emily Siebers
March 6, 2012

217 – DC Scoshire Scherizade O Siddachs CD JE CGC
Owned by Mrs. Constance (Connie) Fisher & Gary R Fisher
April 18, 2012

218 – DC Turning Pt We Danced CD RE NJP CGC
Owned by Steve Henderson & Starr Henderson and Dr. Randy Eltringham
June 8, 2012

219 – GCH DC Devanna’s Homestretch V. 3Steps RN JE CGC
Owned by Jordin Misfeldt & Dorothy Devanna
June 24, 2012

220 – DC Kinder’s Impossible Pi MS BN RN JE CGC
Owned by Kathleen Johnson & Jan DuBois
July 15, 2012

221 – Sharprees Caught a Dream RE AX AXJ NF ME CGC (Bench & Field pointed)
Owned by Cris Baldwin
December 16, 2012

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222-DC Pocketpack Simply Red MW CDX RAE ME CGC
Owned by Catherine M. Thompson
February 27, 2013

223- MACH Beever Penelope Puma CDX RAE MXS MJB XF JE CA CGC (bench pointed)
Owned by Lisa Beever
March 3, 2013

224-DC Georgia Dachs Jasmine W RE MX MXB AXJ RATN CGC
Owned by Norma K Williams
March 23, 2013

225-DC Hoppledachs Eufaula V Sho ME ML RN JE CGC
Owned by Pamala J Hopkins & Pamela Wells
March 31, 2013

226-FC Hoppledach’s Keokuk MS RN ME CGC (bench pointed)
Owned by Pamala J Hopkins
April 27, 2013

227-DC Honey’s Tallulah V Edelweiss NA NAJ JE CGC
Owned by Patricia A Price & Gerald Price
April 28, 2013

228-DC I Spy Identity Thief W CD JE CGC
Owned by Selma McNamara
September 19, 2013

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#229-DC Stardust’s Temptation Von Skaer SL RN NJP CGC
Owned by Barbara Skaer & Anne M Schmid
January 26th, 2014

#230-GCH DC Sunlight’s Evening In Paris BN RN NAJ CGC
Owned by Phyllis Meseroll & Mike Nothstein
February 20th, 2014

#231-FC Goshawker Luke Skywalker ML TD NJP CA CGC (Bench pts)
Owned by Alice Moyer
February 21, 2014

#232-DC Sausage Stables Bethany SS RN JE
Owned by Herman Shuping & Charlene Shuping
March 22nd, 2014

#233-DC Stardust Do U Believe N Magic L RN JE CGC
Owned by Barbara J Koch & Anne M Schmidt
May 17th, 2014

#234 GCH DC Saytar’s Jada Pink-it CDX RA OA OAJ OF CGC
Owned by Maryanne Santomauro
July 27th, 2014

#235-DC Amtekel’s Tehillah RA ME CGC
Owned by Melanie Simmons & Andra O’Connell
August 18th, 2014

#236-DC Rose Gate Kansas Traveler SS RN JE CGC
Owned by Herman Shuping & Charlene Shuping
October 4th, 2014

#237-CH Stardust’N Hales Old Blk Magic CD RN JE CGC
Owned by Tori Fenlon & Helen Briwa
October 10th, 2014

#238-DC Saytar’s Corvina Von Salix CD RE NA NAJ CGC
Owned by David Kawami & Trudy Kawami
December 11th, 2014


#239-GCH DC Serenity’s Playboy Prince RN JE CGC
Owned by Patrice M. Baker, Wendy Snyder & RJ Cooper
March 21st, 2015

#240-FC Hoppledach’s Lucas Paul OA OAJ JE CGC (conformation points)
Owned by Amy Ladew & Pamala J. Hopkins
April 4th, 2015

#241-CH Jericho Meg’s Little Sofia SS CDX RE NA NAJ NAP OJP JE CGC
Owned by Marguerite Weis
June 3rd, 2015

#242-DC Hathor Farm’s New Attitude W VCD1 RA JE CA CGC
Owned by Marguerite Weis
June 3rd, 2015

#243-CH Jagie’s Maltese Falcon SS RN NA NAJ SE CGC
Owned by Marguerite Weis
June 3rd, 2015

#244-DC Hoppledach’s Legacy From Rigel ML RN JE CGC
Owned by Pamala J. Hopkins & Catherine Kalista
June 27th, 2015

#245-GCH DC Rellih’s Hopi Kachina Spirit-MW TD JE CGC
Owned by Linda Snyder
August 16th, 2015

#246-DC Doxieville That’s Why Bentley At GRD MW RN ME CAX RATS CGC
Owned by Dana R Gehring & Denise R Gehring
September 12th, 2015

#247-FC Hathor Farm’s Buffalo Gal MW CD BN RA ME CA CGC
Owned by Barbara L Teigen
October 17th, 2015-
#248    FC Duchwood’s Tally Ho Timothy BN RN SE CGC
Owned by Ms. Rebecca A Elliott
November 14th, 2015

#249-DC Briardach Laramie Pony Express RN JE CGC
Owned by Karen Jones & Monika D Martin
November 23rd, 2015

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#250 DC Lone Pine’s Ruff N Ready MW BN RA NJP SE CGC
Owned by Sally Miller
April 22nd, 2016

#251 GCH DC Honey’s Gabriel V Edelweiss SW RN JE CGC
Owned by Gerald & Patricia Price
April 23rd, 2016

#252 GCHG DC Serenity’s Louisiana Getaway SL BN RA SE CGCA CGCU
Owned by W. Snyder, R. Cooper, P Baker, E Dauber
June 19th, 2016

#253 FC Dobre Butelka Wino Z Goodwood AX AXJ NF ME CAA RATN CGC
Owned by Angelyn Louise Leonberger
July 10th, 2016

#254 DC Doxikota Idaho Dream Weaver MW RN JE CGC
Owned by Kathleen D. Schooler
August 16th, 2016

#255 DC Kadell’s Gold Souvenir W CD RN NAJ NF CA RATO CGC
Owned by Cheryl Rueckert
October 24th, 2016

#256 GCH DC Mcrobs First Star Is Born TD JE CA CGC
Owned by Nancy Overesch & Mary Boyle
November 6th, 2016

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