The Dachshund Club of America understands that the events held in conjunction with our National Specialty are more than just conformation.


In an effort to promote the entire Dachshund and showcase the versatility of our breed, DCA awards Triathlon awards to the Dachshunds which distinguish themselves in performance and/or companion events at the National Specialty.



Any Dachshund qualifying in three or more of the five different performance and/or companion event categories (agility, field trial, earth dog, tracking, and obedience/rally) plus the Triathlon Conformation Evaluation are recognized by the DCA with a Certificate of Achievement.


The highest combined scoring dog receives the title “DCA Triathlon Dog of the Year”. Congratulations to our previous year’s winners.


This is a remarkable achievement!

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Triathlon Award Requirements


Triathlon Winners

    2022 Triathlon Winner

DC Keystown Mr. Smidgen of Wigeon RE, OA, OAJ, JE, BN, CD, CGCA, CA RATN ‘Wigeon’

Leslie Keyes, Owner