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A plaque was donated to our club. I want to recognize the donor in our premium list. How do I do this?

State in your list of donors the name of the donor, and the size and variety of the plaque. Do NOT state that the plaque will be given for a certain win. If you do that and you don’t have enough entries to award the plaque or you have too many entries and you need to award a larger plaque, you will have a problem. Only one plaque can be awarded to a plaque winner and it must be the one stated in the premium language approved by the board.

My shipment was damaged. What do I do?

Notify the trophy chairman within thirty days of shipment. The trophy chairman will need to seek compensation from the shipper and will need to file a damage report. You will need to send the damaged items and the packaging back to the trophy chairman. If the trophy chairman receives the damaged item(s) and packaging within thirty days of shipment and the shipper determines that the items were damaged in shipment, replacement items will be sent. If the shipper determines that the items were not returned within the time allotted for compensation, your club will need to purchase replacement items. The trophy program is a self-supporting program and cannot bear the cost of items that were not returned in a timely manner.

The DCA Trophy Plan was listed in the premium list and the club did not give me the correct award. What do I do?

You will need to contact the show giving club. If you do not receive satisfaction from the club, you will need to contact AKC. Clubs are licensed and governed by AKC, not DCA. DCA is an organization of individuals. However, violations should be reported to the DCA trophy chairman. DCA cannot discipline a club or resolve disputes involving a club but we can refuse future use of our program.

The language in the premium list is not the same as the language on this website. Which is correct?

The language on this website is the current DCA board approved language. All clubs using the DCA Trophy Plan have contractually agreed to implement the official DCA Trophy Plan.

My dog went absolute at a field trial or HIT at an obedience trial and I have not received my plaque. What do I do?

Plaques are usually sent by the trophy chairman to the owner of the Absolute or HIT winner within a month of the trial. If it has been more than a month since the trial, contact the trial chairman and find out if they have filed the online report. If they have completed the form, ask them to contact the trophy chairman. The shipper may have lost the plaque or the trophy chairman may have messed up. If the shipper has lost the item, the trophy chairman will need to open an inquiry.

Why are some results printed in the DCA Newsletter and some are not?

All results that are submitted through the online report form are printed in the newsletter. If your win is not listed, contact the show or trial chairman and ask them if they have completed the on-line report. If they haven’t, please suggest that they do so. If they have, then ask them to contact the Trophy Chairman and the Newsletter Editor. Sometimes the reports get lost in cyberspace and need to be tracked down.

My plaque is signed K. Weems. How do I know it is a Katherine Ward Lane plaque.

Weems is her married name. She exhibited under both names. There are some old plaques with the name L. Burnham on them. Lee Burnham was a art student of hers. Kaye Ladd researched this for us and  all the plaques, except for the Chris Baldwin plaques, are proofed and copyrighted to K. Lane. The Chris Baldwin plaques are copyright to Chris Baldwin.

The online report form is not working. What do I do?

Contact Charles Delashmutt at: charles.delashmutt@comcast.net

My question isn’t on here. What do I do?

Contact the DCA trophy chairman.