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The mission of the Dachshund Club of America
is to promote the natural qualities of all purebred dachshunds. The club supports one standard of the breed as adopted by the membership and approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Dachshunds shall be judged. The Dachshund Club of America promotes canine health and well being and ethical sportsmanship in all competitions, and protects and advances the interest of the breed. The Dachshund Club of America promulgates maintaining the dachshund as one breed with three varieties and two sizes.

The DCA Board voted at the Oct 2012 meeting to list on the DCA website any DCA member who has been nominated or selected for the AKC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The recipients in the Performance category was Jo Ann Frier-Murza who was awarded the AKC 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award and also in 2012 was none other than Jean Dieden, DVM who was awarded the AKC 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award . Congratulations to Jo Ann and Jean!

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